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Manufacturer: Sony

From the Manufacturer:
Sony's BRAVIA W series Full HD 1080p televisions take performance to the next level with advanced HDMI v1.3 features such as x.v.Color which greatly broadens the color space input capabilities to include 1.8 times as many natural colors as existing HDTV signals. In addition, Deep Color input capability works with the 10-bit processor and panel to deliver 64 times the level of color expression versus current 8-bit systems. Wrap all of this up with an elegant a new brushed metal picture frame design and there's nothing like W-Series HDTV's.
Full HD 1080
There are a lot of ways to define high-definition but BRAVIA Full HD means you're getting the best resolution that high-definition has to offer consumers. With Sony BRAVIA W Series HDTVs, Full HD 1080 means 1920 x 1080 pixels5 and 1080p video inputs. Your lifestyle demands the best in high-definition and with BRAVIA Full HD 1080 products you get it.

1920 x 1080 Panel Resolution
1920 x 1080 Panel Resolution --- When it comes to high-definition TV the pinnacle of performance is achieved by using 1920 x 1080 display panels. And BRAVIA W Series televisions have them. Full HD 1920 x 1080 panel resolution with over 2 million pixels 5(more than twice that of 720p HDTV) is exactly what you need to reproduce the 1080p content that can be delivered by our cutting edge 1080p Blu-ray disc player.

10-bit Processing and 10-bit Display
While it's great to state that a TV is capable of creating billions of colors it's a whole lot better when you have a display that can actually display them. That's the logic behind Sony's 10-bit processor and 10-bit display. Sony follows 10-bit processing with a 10-bit panel, allowing 64 times the levels of color expression than an 8-bit panel. What that translates to is smoother transitions from color to color and subtle color changes faithfully reproduced.

BRAVIA Engine EX Full Digital Video Processor
The BRAVIA Engine EX full digital video processing system is based on Sony's famous BRAVIA Engine video processing system.

Live Color Creation System featuring WCG-CCFL
Decades of television know how allow us to realize that an LCD TV is more than just the panel; it's actually a system. Uncompromised picture quality starts with combining carefully chosen components and circuits to optimize system quality, among these are the color creation and processing functions. That's what Live Color Creation is all about. It starts with the BRAVIA Engine EX video processing system, which enhances primary colors and corrects half-tone colors for natural overall color. Next, a WCG-CCFL backlight using Sony's phosphor formula delivers a specific spectrum of light designed to work with our specially formulated color filters. The combination of these three components creates deep, deep blues and natural greens for overall colors that draw you right into the picture.

Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) Function
Sony's Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) builds on our excellent on-contrast ratio performance of 1,800:11. A Dynamic Contrast Ratio of up to 16,000:12 is achieved by using real-time image processing to adjust the contrast along with optimizing backlight levels. But rather than focus on the "numbers", Sony focuses on actual picture performance avoiding exaggerated blacks where detail can be lost. ACE translates to blacker blacks in darker scenes, as well as better shadow detail in other scenes for a difference that you can see.

x.v.Color technology
BRAVIA HDTV's performance has now advanced to the point that the color range can be defined by limitations in the original video source, rather than the TV. Thanks to the adoption of a newly approved international color standard called xvYCC (an option in the HDMI v1.3 spec and which Sony participated in creating), the color space has been greatly expanded. 1.8 times as many natural colors as existing HDTV signals will now be faithfully reproduced. x.v.Color is the name Sony has chosen to promote video products that include xvYCC capability. x.v.Color enabled products can now offer more accurate color reproduction and natural colors.

24p True Cinema (24p Input Capability)
Many movies are filmed at 24 frames per second (fps) and prime time TV programs are video taped at 24p. Seizing on an opportunity, some studios are taking a purist approach and encoding high definition video content such as Blu-ray Disc in 24p. Sony wisely takes advantage of this by including 24p output capability on their BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc player. It makes sense that select 2007 BRAVIA TVs will include 24p input capability. The benefit? Images are smooth and natural looking. Once you experience 24p video it will be hard to view video without it.

DMex - Ready (Digital Module Extender)
Sony's Digital Media Extender (DMex) ready televisions offer a digital connection path for the addition of the optional modules like the new BRAVIA Internet Video Link. 6 With innovative DMex expansion capabilities featuring the Emmy award winning XMB user interface, select 2007 models are not merely TVs, but powerful entertainment platforms that not only meet your needs today, but expand easily to meet tomorrow's needs as well.

Xross Media Bar (XMB) interface
When was the last time you saw an on-screen display that was fast, fun and easy to use? Sony's award-winning Xross Media Bar (pronounced Cross) provides a logical and fast way to access set up menus, user controls, and more. The on-screen display comes to life by pushing the XMB menu button on the remote. Navigation through the menus is smooth and fast.

BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology
Sony created BRAVIA Theatre Sync to go beyond basic digital audio and video transmission. Based on the HDMI-CEC function. BRAVIA Theatre Sync will be included on select BRAVIA Theatre home A/V systems and components. This useful function reduces the hassle and time consuming job of powering up, routing signals, etc. to the simple push of one button.8 Sony calls this nifty feature BRAVIA Theatre Sync. Here's how it works. Want to play a DVD on your Sony A/V system? Easy, just push PLAY on the BRAVIA HDTV remote and everything is taken care of for you. Even when the system is off! Want to change from TV sound to digital surround sound through your Sony BRAVIA Theatre A/V system? Just one push of the Theater Sound button on the remote and voila, surround sound through your system. Want to power down everything once you've finished enjoying it? Push one button and the TV and A/V system powers down. BRAVIA Theatre Sync helps make things a whole lot easier to operate.

S-Force Front Surround
Built around a sophisticated set of Sony algorithms, the S-Force Front Surround enhancement function generates realistic surround sound from the two speakers in the TV. Unlike some other "virtual surround" technologies, sound does not need to be bounced off of side walls or other surfaces to hear three-dimensional sound. No matter what the size or shape of the room it's possible to hear sounds from behind you.
Product Description:
Step into a world where high performance meets high style with the KDL-52W3000.Sony's BRAVIA W series Full HD 1080p televisions take performance to the next level with advanced HDMI v1.3 features such as x.v.Color which greatly broadens the color space input capabilities to include 1.8 times as many natural colors as existing HDTV signals. In addition, Deep Color input capability works with the 10-bit processor and panel to deliver 64 times the level of color expression versus current 8-bit systems. Wrap all of this up with an elegant a new brushed metal picture frame design and there's nothing like W-Series HDTV's.

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10-bit 16:9 Full HD 1080p Panel (1920x1080 resolution): Picture Frame Styling/Distinctive Brushed Metal Finish
24p True Cinema (24p Input Capability via HDMI)
Live Color Creation system with WCG-CCFL backlight
Connections: 3 HDMI; 1 S-Video input; 2 Component Video; 3 Composite Video Inputs; 1 RS232 Control; 1 Digital Audio Output; 1 PC Video Input; 1 PC Audio Input
1,800:1 on-screen contrast ratio
Brand: Sony
Color: Silver
Model: KDL52W3000

Customer Reviews

We almost got the XBR but I'm so glad we chose this one!! The picture and sound are amazing even without surround. The set-up was very easy with this awesome tv!!

Best Purchase
I never regret on the decision to purchase this 52" Sony HDTV from Amazon. From ordering to delivering, everything went smoothly, I didn't have to touch the TV myself. The TV has no defects and my family is very happy about it.

DEAD PIXEL, slow response from SONY
Bought the KDL-52W3000 in January 08 and was vey impressed with the picture quality and sound especially.Within 5 month developed 1 horizontal line of dead pixels about 1.5 inches long right in the middle of the screen. Called Sony and was reffered to a local repair's been more then a week and problem is getting worse. Line of dead pixels is almost 7 inches now. Internet research does not seem to indicate this to be a common problem. I am very disappointed with the responce time for such an expensive item.

On the positive side, picture quality, sound and connectivity are all top notch!

Amazon Rocks!!!
I did lot of research before buying Sony Bravia and I am really happy with the picture and the sound quality so far. Amazon delivered this product with great shape. No damages during shipping and handling.

FYI - I have not compared the picture quality of Sony Bravia with other popular models like Sharp, Samsung etc. I am happy Sony customer and hence I bought it.

Never again - a SONY!
We purchased a Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR4 from Crutchfield (00+) and do not plan to ever buy anything from SONY AGAIN! This TV worked for 3 months and we loved it! That is - until it had a failure - described as solarization by the TV Tech who came to check it out. Of course, it was outside of the 30 day return period, but still under warranty. They ordered a part which the Tech installed on the 2nd visit. He powered it up and the screen had some kind of weird defect show up like something splashed across it - it also had some strange black and grey lines displayed. Now we are awaiting (until mid-July) a new display from Sony (back-ordered - surprise, surprise!).

Very disappointing to have such an expensive TV work for 3 months and fail! And now to have to wait for a display replacement! Most likely we will have enjoyed watching it for about the same time as it has been in the repair shop! The repair shop has been very responsive to my requests for information and doing all they can to help!Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR4 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

NEVER AGAIN - do not buy from Sony!