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Product Description
For 4 or more players
Cranium is an amazing party game that brings friends and family together through 14 fun and riotous activities. You won't believe what your friends and family can do as your team hums, whistles, sketches, sculpts, acts, puzzles and even spells backwards to win.
Cranium's outrageous activities are organized into four card decks: Creative Cat will have you sketching, sculpting with clay and even drawing with your eyes closed. Star Performer asks you to hum or whistle a tune, impersonate a celebrity or act out a clue. Word Worm requests you unscramble words, spell challenging ones, guess definitions, fill in the blanks and even spell backwards. Data Head stimulates your gray matter by testing your knowledge of trivia with provocative true/false queries and challenging multiple choice questions.

Product Details
Brand: Cranium Games
Model: 101010000.100E
Number of items: 1
Dimensions: 10.60" h x 10.60" w x 3.10" l, 4.55 pounds
The original award-winning board game
Sketch, sculpt, solve puzzles, act and hum and answer questions
Perfect for parties, reunions, after dinner, vacations
Each game lasts about an hour
Recommended for ages 13 years and up

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