Bose Companion 2 Series II multimedia speakers system
From Bose Speakers
Product Description
**SPECIAL OFFER**: Save 10% when you order by March 14, 2009. Odds are, your computer is a primary source of entertainment. So why rely on standard computer speakers with so much rich content at your fingertips? Step up to Companion 2 Series II speakers and unleash your computers true potential with powerful, full-range sound for CDs, DVDs, MP3s, streaming videos, games and more. Companion 2 Series II speakers deliver both the subtleties in your music and the rousing resonance of movie and game sound effects. Think of them as giving new voice to your computer. And with Bose TrueSpace stereo signal processing circuitry, that voice really has some reach. Experience a spacious, dramatic soundstage that seems to extend beyond the desktop speakers, whether you've set them next to your monitor or placed them farther apart. You'll also appreciate the clear, robust response for those challenging low musical notes and sound effects. Companion 2 speakers bring more than new flair to your desktop. They're also designed for convenience, with both the volume control and headphone jack close at hand. All so controlling your listening experience is as simple as you'd like it to be. Dual inputs enable the speakers to be used with your computer as well as a second audio source, such as a portable MP3 or CD player. And Companion 2 Series II speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with your monitor. Now, its time to play
Product Details
Brand: Bose Speakers
Model: 2 Series II
Dimensions: 16.00" h x 20.00" w x 12.00" l, 10.00 pounds
SPECIAL OFFER: Save 10% when you order by March 14, 2009.
Designed to provide a clearer and more realistic music/movie/gaming experience
Contemporary, elegant appearance
Dual inputs for easy connection to computer and additional audio source