Osiris Men's Bronx Lifestyle Shoes

Osiris Men's Bronx Lifestyle Shoes
From Osiris Shoes

Product Description
Yo, Leroy. When you're in da greatest city in da world, you gotta rock da blocks wearin' da Osiris Men's Bronx Skate Shoe. Why, you ask? Cuz one, dese hi-tops keep your ankles covered and your fashion fresh, while the comfortable cupsole grabs your deck like a mugger grabbin' your wallet. And two, if Uncle Vinny sees you wearin' anything else, he'll send Rodrigo over to bust your freakin' knee caps.Product Features
Material: [Upper] leather
Lining: Nylon
Sole: Rubber
Lacing: Standard
Recommended Use: Skatin' in da Bronx
Product Details

Color: Boombox/Black/Gold
Brand: Osiris Shoes
Model: 1130-686
Fabric type: Action Leather
Action Leather high top upper
Extra padded collar and tongue with elastic centering straps
Cupsole with exposed EVA window for flex
Nylone 6 / HTPR custom lace side lace with upper laying backup lacing perfs

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