Product Description
Fluance speakers, the choice for audio enthusiasts around the world, are recognized as an outstanding performance product that delivers amazing sound, superb build-quality and unprecedented value. We have accomplished this by strictly adhering to a single goal: Design and engineer speakers that ensure accurate sound reproduction at prices with which none can compete! To achieve these goals, Fluance uses high-performance drive units, advanced enclosure technologies and highly refined crossovers to achieve all new standards in sound performance and technological design excellence. The results are clean, undistorted bass, smooth response throughout the midrange, exceptional high frequency resolution, and pinpoint imaging that everyone can appreciate. The Fluance AV-BP2's bipolar design combines excellent diffusion with pinpoint placement of highly localized effects on the surround channels! The Fluance AV-BP2 tackles the needs of surround speaker design in a usefully different way. It is a bipolar design that combines two identical panels that employ a 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch Neodymium balanced dome tweeter. Its surround ambience is very convincing, thanks to the way the two speaker panels are angled outward to radiate indirectly. But because the speakers are wired in phase, in a bipolar design, they also provide all the localization needed for soundtracks with directional surround effects. The more demanding you are about surround sound, the more we think you will appreciate what the AV-BP2 has to offer. Only premium components such as powerfully dimensioned high-performance magnets and Neodymium tweeters are used in the production of this system.
Product Details
Brand: Fluance Speakers
Model: AVBP2
Dimensions: 4.02" h x 4.33" w x 2.17" l, 6.80 pounds
Bipolar Radiation Pattern For Optimum Surround Imaging
High End Neodymium Balanced Pure Silk Dome Tweeters
Gold Plated Binding Post Terminals for Optimum Conductivity
MDF Wood Construction To Reduce Cabinet Resonance
New With A Full 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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