Mobile Drum Carrier For 55 Gallon Steel Drums 800lb Capacity
From Global Industrial - 55 Gallon Steel Drums
Product Description
DRUM TRANSPORTING EQUIPMENT Mobile Drum Carrier - Raise, transport, rotate, agitate, tilt, and drain fully loaded drums. Self-supporting, transports drum upright to avoid spills. Automatic handle-locks prevent unintentional lowering. Tilt locks used to keep upright or horizontal to dispense. Unlock for manual tipping to any angle or end-over-end tumbling to agitate. Two 8" polyurethane load bearing wheels and 4" swivel caster for optimal maneuverability.
Product Details
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Brand: Global Industrial - 55 Gallon Steel Drums
Dimensions: 13.00" h x 40.00" w x 38.00" l, 116.00 pounds