Azden WLT-PRO Pro-Series Wireless Lapel Microphone and Transmitter
From Azden - Lapel Microphone
Product Description
AZDEN PRO LAPEL MIC & Buy Cheap Lapel Microphone for Sale
Product Details
Brand: Azden - Lapel Microphone
Model: WLT-PRO
Number of items: 1
Dimensions: 2.60" h x 3.00" w x 11.50" l, .22 pounds
Wireless lapel microphone and transmitter for use with any Pro Series receiver
2 switchable VHF frequencies to choose the clearest sound
Range of over 250'
Belt clip-on transmitter
Requires Pro Series receiver

Product Description
Designed for use with Azden's WR-PRO receiver from the WHX-PRO wireless transmission system, the WLT-PRO microphone and transmitter bundle offers wireless convenience and clear FM transmission from compact, unobtrusive components. Affix the lavalier condenser to your lapel, plug the mic cord into the transmitter, and away you go. The mic cord doubles as the transmitter's antenna. Use the supplied belt clip to hook the transmitter to your waist, or just stuff the unit (which is smaller than a deck of cards) in a convenient pocket.

The system and the transmitter itself operate in the VHF band, where interference is very low. Choose between 169.445 MHz and 170.245 MHz for the clearest transmission and reception. The system conforms to Part 90 of FCC rules, and it's not to be used in high temperatures, high humidity, or near a broadcasting station, airport, or on an airplane.

What's in the Box
EX-503 lapel microphone, WM-PRO transmitter, belt clip, and user's manual/spec sheet.
Customer Reviews
Useless when using more than one lav microphone
I purchased this wireless lav to go with my existing AZDEN wireless lav & receiver. When operating with only one lav at a time this works fine, HOWEVER when BOTH lavs are on the same channel at once, there is horrible interference thus rendering them both useless. I performed several tests, using both channels in multiple environments, and came to the conclusion that recording from two wireless lavs simultaneously using this equipment is completely flawed. Therefore, there is no reason in purchasing this product if you plan to use it with an additional wireless lav.

works good, get what u pay for
We use the Azden WR-Pro for weekly videos. They work great considering the sub $100 price. We use it in a green screen studio, at a range of about 3 to 8 meters, and havent had any reception issues. We do get some "buzzing" when the batteries run low, so we keep extras 9V around. Getting about 20+ hours of record time per battery change. Multi-channel works good, but we only have one audio input in our HD camera, so have to use a simple radio shack splitter to combine them into a single line, thus not allowing us to split the audio into seperate channels in production. I am surprised by the quality, as the mic does pick up a good amount of ambient noises (people wispering, chairs squeeking, etc.), so a quiet set is essential. For the price, there is NO other option.

VHF wireless mics just don't cut it in dense urban areas
This was one of my very first wireless mics - I quickly sold it and moved on to UHF for the following reasons.

If I were recording a single (mono) channel interview in the middle of kansas this would probably be a 5 star item, but in dense urban areas the vhf frequencies are a mess of intermodulation distortion and other RF interferance. This is the low end of azden's wireless line - as you step up to UHF you get a number of advantages:

1 - multiple frequencies that do not interfere with each other and also avoid tv stations
2 - companders to improve dynamic range
3 - the less expensive AA battery instead of 9VDC cells - with improved runtimes as well

What it basically boils down to is if you are working in the 5% of the usa that is sparsly populated, this will do the job
But if you are working in a major metropolitan area or have multiple mics / in ear monitors in use - this will sound pretty cruddy.

For an extra $50 you can make the first step to UHF and from there you can go to the user configurabe UHF mics with 1600+ frequencies to operate on thus getting a guaranteed clear channel to use no matter where you go in the usa or how many mics you have live.