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BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories Kit: Royal Blue Snug Fit BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Hard Case + A Vangoddy Live*Laugh*Love Wrist Band!!!
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Make Sure Your BlackBerry PlayBook is Covered Protect your brand new BlackBerry tablet and defend yourself against scratches with this high-density Hard Case. The case itself is made out of weather-resistant Hard EVA material with Nylon exterior that has been threaded over multiple times to make it as dense and protective as we possibly could make it. We wanted to make sure that the tablet was safe and secure once inside the case and we believe we accomplished just that. An accessory mesh pocket also rests in the interior of the case to allow for easy storage and retrieval of all your small tablet accessories. Defend yourself, defend your tablet: Get a protective snug hard case for BlackBerry PlayBook today!
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Brand: blackberry playbook
Protect your BlackBerry PlayBook with this stylish snug cube!!!
Snug fitting hard reinforced exterior shell for unparalleled protection!!!
Soft non-scratch internal lining to protect your new BlackBerry Tablet!!!
Water resistant material to protect from the elements!!!

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